PM Lee Hsien Loong faints at rally. Lack of concern by some audience members is disturbing to me

Like most Singaporeans, I was watching our PM deliver his NDP rally speech. At one point during his speech our PM appeared to be looking dazed and confused and all of a sudden the camera pans away to the audience. Apparently, he fainted. What was even more surprising was that the group of audience that the camera’s shot did not seem to bother as to what was going on. Most of them did not even move, just staring dead ahead as if nothing happened or this was normal! No look of care, concern or even shock! Were their minds someplace else? Were they day dreaming?

The shot was then cut to the 2nd group of audience members who looked more concerned. You can see some of them at the edge of their seats. A man even standing up.

You can watch a clip of the video here:



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