Things that make me glad that I am a Singaporean (Part 1: Train Service)

I’m going to be starting a new series called things that make me glad that I am a Singaporean. This is going to be my first post in this series.

SMRT may cock up once in a while, but overall they are still one of the best lah. Our people are also good and considerate passengers. Yes yes, once in a while you get a few bad apples, but overall still not bad.

When I used to study in Melbourne, I remember taking the train a lot. Sometime, Most of the time the train would just fail to show up or get redirected to another route leaving its passengers helpless. The worst thing is, this always happens in the middle of the night in some ulu part of town when you need the train the most.

The worst rail system has to be in India though. There are scores of scary India train videos on the internet; this one is the latest. I would rather just walk. Who’s to blame here, my pick would be the train company. Look at these ladies; they look so desperate because God knows how long they have to wait for the next train. If we had to wait an hour for an SMRT train from Bedok to Raffles City during peak morning hour, we might behave the same. So thank you SMRT.

Photo by Alan Tan Keng Hoe